Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Coach? 

A life coach helps their coachee identify a goal and then they help them develop a plan to achieve it. In other words, life coaching focuses on the coachee’s current reality and what they want next and how to get there. Often  coachee’s have goals and because life is so complex (career, children, self-doubt etc.) they lack the clarity to create an actionable plan and the drive, motivation and support to achieve their goals. A life coach is an objective partner whose primary goal is to support their coachee achieve their goals, no matter how big or small

Isn’t a life coach just a different word for therapist? 

No. A life coach is not a therapist. Therapists (or mental health counselors) are licensed by the state that they practice in and must abide by state regulations. There is no educational experience required to practice as a life coach. Most importantly, life coaches cannot diagnose or treat mental health related conditions. To learn more about the difference between a life coach and a therapist, please view this well-made diagram created by Chesapeake Mental Health Collaborative, based in Towson, Maryland. 

What type of coachee am I looking for?

I’m looking for someone who is hungry for change in their personal lives be it related to fitness, relationships, self-image, career or any other aspect of their life. This person feels stuck and doesn’t know what tools they need to make the change they want. They have spent too much of their time taking wrong actions or subscribing to inaccurate ideas and have experienced repeated failure and disappointment. They want someone who is on their side to help them articulate unexpressed desires, shape those desires into achievable goals and help them live up to the richest vision for themselves.

What Past Customers Have Said

Working with Jasmine has helped me recognize what I’m in control of and what I can change. She opened my eyes to my limiting beliefs and habits which helped me work to change them. She’s a great coach, incredibly warm and receptive to my needs and experiences!

Phil McKnight

Jasmine’s coaching has changed my life. She has allowed me to be the person I’ve always wanted to be, but was so afraid for others to see. I had doubts, fears, insecurities about myself, my career, my relationships and together we’ve worked on those issues. She challenged, questioned, and encouraged me and my thoughts. Through coaching I’ve been able to travel, something I’ve wanted to do for years but never had the courage to do so. Everyone needs a “Jasmine” in their life.

Martine Liberte

Jasmine’s coaching sessions helped me discover how I could reach my goals by changing my mindset and approach. Before I felt stuck, now I see there are many areas for me to grow. I’m appreciative. Jasmine was always upbeat and compassionate as she helped me recognize the impact of my negative thought patterns.

Derek Fields

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