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5 Tips to Maintaining Your Fitness Goals This Holiday Season

This is a guest post by Alexis Payne a Connecticut-based personal trainer. Check out her personal training offerings by visiting Commence Fitness online. You might think that the holiday season is the absolute worst time to work towards losing or maintaining your weight, but you are wrong. Like all long-term goals or major lifestyle changes,…

Everything Sucks on a Bad Day: Part 1 of “The Five Things Your Therapist Never Told You”

Everyone has days when they glimmer with positivity and radiate with joy and possibility. Dually, everyone experiences the soul-crushing emotional darkness of a bad day. And you know what? Until recently, I didn’t know that bad days were inevitable. Better yet, that they are uncontrollable. Bad days will forever be popping up uninvited on your…

How to Follow Your Heart in 3 Simple Steps

When his father died, Phil Hosmer saw it as an opportunity to re-examine his life with one question in mind: Am I living my life according to the wisdom of my heart? His answer set him on a new and rewarding future.

How Mindfulness Empowers Us

A Native American proverb emphasizes that humans have “two wolves” fighting in our hearts: one darkness the other light. Watch to find out how to navigate the battle positively.

In a World of Chaos, Is Changing One’s Self a Cop-Out?

When you point to blame someone, you’ve got 3 fingers pointing right back at you. Is this truth lost in a world where we want to blame others for our personal plight? Not to me, but I recognize that looking inward and focusing on controlling myself is an unpopular position in this polarized world.

How to Defeat Negative Thoughts

Happy Mindfulness Monday. This post is courtesy of @Happify Want to learn how to feel better, instantly? Learn how to shut down negative thoughts. Spoiler: It’s free and easy!

Take a Break Once It Is No Longer Fun

Happy Wisdom Wednesday! If you would like to check out the stylized quote, check out my Facebook page. I have a very complex relationship with “work”. Ask any one of my friends and they will say that I’m very busy. I have a hard time relaxing. I have this strong urge to “do something” in…

How Taking It One Day At A Time Can Help You Now

Right now, I’m battling feelings of sadness, despair and dislike. I don’t know why I feel this way, but I can easily concoct stories to give these feelings more body. I could say that these feelings are rooted in the disappointed of where I am career-wise and the sadness of ending a beautiful dreamy weekend…

How to Stop Worrying in 4 Simple Steps

2020 is the perfect year to get all wound up by worry. But is worrying worth the emotional and physical toll it takes on your body? Is there a better way to manage this emotional response? My answer: Yes and I will teach you how!


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