What If You Could Learn To Live Without Fear? I Did.

Fear when utilized appropriately, is a guide, not a deterrent. Fear is communicating a need for information and preparation. Without becoming friends with my fear I will never become the person I dream about. I will never do what I desire. I won’t live as richly as I’ve imagined.

Is There Power In One Conscious Breath?

Practicing mindfulness and sitting meditation has changed, and will continue to change, my life in both subtle and dramatic ways. Simply, it’s given me the covetous power to understand how my thoughts create emotional responses within my body which directly impact my thoughts, words and deeds.

Here’s What Happens When You Give Unsolicited Advice

I’ve done the hard work of self-healing. I think it’s made me more self-aware and compassionate. I’ve felt, for a long time, that it was my mission to compel others to do the same.
But it’s not and there are very real consequences to telling someone how to live their life. I didn’t get it until a friend of mine told me she had enough of my “advice”.