I Signed Up for My First Ever Self-Care Challenge!

Yup. That’s me! I signed up for Southern Caregiver Resource Center’s (SCRC) Self-Care Challenge and will fight to exceed my financial goal! The goal isn’t much, but it is more than I’ve ever tried to raise.

Please give! If you are able to, click here.

Some one I know is a caregiver for a loved one. I have seen this person move with such grace, commitment and strengthen as they navigated through uncharted and unexpected circumstances. I’ve seen the sadness and helplessness they felt in seeing a loved one struggle physically and emotionally.

Many people are a caregivers and it is a challenging role that is often thrust on the receiver without choice, support or preparation. I am raising money for those who do this incredibly difficult and complicated role with dignity and often in silence.

The challenge starts on October 21st and goes until the 30th. Each day there will be self-care challenges that I will do. I will give my live updates on Instagram each day! Follow me on Instagram to learn new self-care tips and get my take on them.

Are you able to give money to help me reach my goal? If that is not possible, can you share my page so that those who feel compelled may be able to?

To join the cause, view the video below and sign up!

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